THE WITCHING HOUR: I’m peeved about Hollywood remaking The Craft.

I have to admit that my heart shattered a little this morning when I saw the latest victim of the Hollywood remake machine: 90s cult classic The Craft.

the craft gif we are those weirdos wiccan image cult classic 90s films movies fairuza balk quote robin tunney neve campbell awesome

I saw The Craft for the first time about eight years ago. I went through a mild obsession with the occult alongside one of my best friends when I was about thirteen and this movie was our Bible.

Dazed and Confused have praised the early creative choices, such as having emerging horror director Leigh Janiak at the helm. Meanwhile, I find the whole prospect of remakes, particularly of movies that are younger than I am, to be the laziest trick in the film-making repertoire.

I should’ve seen it coming. The Craft is probably the most inevitable choice for a version 2.0 in 2015. In retrospect, its aesthetic has nineties nostalgia written straight through it and its theme slots perfectly into a renewed interest in the horror genre (or horror-lite), recently re-popularised on television by shows such as American Horror Story and Bates Motel. The fact that its main characters are all interesting and well-written women gives it an extra feminist boost as well.

But all I can see when I close my eyes and imagine what this 21st century reboot might look like, what comes to me looks more like a parody of the original that’s trying way too hard to be edgy.

That might seem like an awfully quick judgement for a movie that hasn’t even been cast yet, but the utter laziness and blatant capitalist incentive behind remaking this classic makes me roll my eyes so hard they’re practically coming out of my ears. Mainly because this movie is younger than me, but also because of the misconception that these types of recreations are for artistic purposes.

Everyone realises that it is Hollywood’s job to capitalise on whatever trends are getting people buying at any given moment; you only need to look at the recent onslaught of live-action Disney remakes to see that.

I recognise that I’m essentially just a bitter fan-girl, but the idea of a cult hit such as The Craft, a high school flick that finally showed what it felt like to be an outcast, getting ready to be recast by a Hollywood lens feels strange and irreconcilable to me.


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