Confessions of a Painted Lady – Tattoos and Narcissism.

Over the past twenty or so years, tattoos and body modification in general have swiftly moved from being the mark of prisoners and seamen to becoming a legitimate fashion statement. Amid the myriad of celebrities whose careers are untouched by their body art are their millions of fans following suit. As a consequence, it appears that everyone has an opinion on tattoos. Whether the tattooed … Continue reading Confessions of a Painted Lady – Tattoos and Narcissism.

Awards season: decadence or deserved?

Every year, the film industry is granted two months in which the geniuses of decades past and present are celebrated and brought to the forefront of pop culture. However, as awards season draws to a close, the criticisms intensify once again, all following a similar line of argument: is this all simply a spectacle of self-congratulation validated by the media? After all, the Academy Awards … Continue reading Awards season: decadence or deserved?

Charlie Hebdo and Muslim oppression in France.

Recently, a moving demonstration of millions of French, all uniting for the freedom of speech, lit up our television screens. Perhaps the most striking image was dozens of flags from around the world adorning the monument of the Place de la République, displaying only one message: the Marianne is every shade of French, and we are all Charlie. World leaders united at the forefront of … Continue reading Charlie Hebdo and Muslim oppression in France.

Review – Eastenders Live Episode (19th February 2015)

This Friday, one of the nation’s best loved television programmes concluded their ‘Week of Revelations’ by treating fans to an ambitious, fully live episode. Following the reveal of Bobby Beale (Elliot Carrington) as the person who clobbered his half-sister Lucy (Hetti Bywater) all those months ago on Good Friday, EastEnders final episode in their highly-anticipated and heavily marketed 30th anniversary week opened with the soap’s … Continue reading Review – Eastenders Live Episode (19th February 2015)

Review – Unbroken (2014)

Director: Angelina Jolie Cast: Jack O’Connell, Finn Wittrock, Takamasa Ishihara, Garrett Hedlund Length: 137 minutes Country: USA Rating: 3/5 Unbroken is the much-hyped sophomore effort from Hollywood heavyweight Angelina Jolie and her first English-language effort following her Bosnian War-set romantic drama In The Land of Blood and Honey in 2011. To do justice to the incredible life of the recently-deceased Olympic athlete and war hero … Continue reading Review – Unbroken (2014)